Individual Members of IAHH may become board approved!
Educational Members of IAHH may become board accredited!

The International Alliance of Holistic Healers Certification & Accreditation Board offers schools, workshop facilitators, and those in the industry who write or teach the opportunity to apply for our full board professional accreditation and/or our seal of approval.

The IAHH operates world-wide as an independent accrediting board for alternative health educational institutions and private educators.

Through our review process, the IAHH has adopted criteria and procedures for evaluating institutions and their programs. We remain diligent in our commitment to quality of sound educational programs and ethical business practices in all areas of natural/holistic health care.

Students who have graduated from a school or college holding professional accreditation stature by the IAHH are eligible to apply for board certification.


What are the benefits of IAHH Accreditation?

It sets a higher standard for performance, education, and personal improvement for the entire industry.

Accredited members earn referrals from IAHH to their school or practice.

Accredited members earn the IAHH accreditation logo (schools & colleges) or the IAHH approval logo (private teachers or workshop facilitators).

Accredited members can provide exclusive offers to their students on behalf of IAHH, subject to agreement.


Accreditation Procedure

To evaluate educational quality a first accreditation assessment will be conducted after confirmation of initial application fee. We will require you to submit the following for our verification process, when applicable:

Your Code of Ethics and/or mission statement.

A copy of your catalog, literature, or other materials, if applicable.

Summary of your courses or study programs.

Resume or letter of education, if applicable.

Website and/or business information, if applicable.

Opportunities for personal contact between students and supervising teachers.

Observation of feedback mechanisms for students.

A screening process to verify candidate proficiency and qualification for program acceptance.

To confirm credentials an accreditation assessment will be conducted every 3 years. After successful third accreditation assessment procedure will be applied every ten years.



First Accreditation Assessment
Initial Application Fee: $ 500.-
Final Application Fee: $ 2,000.-

Second and Subsequent Accreditation Assessments
Assessment Fee: $ 500.-

Important: after successful third assessment accreditation is granted indefinitely as long as the teacher/school remains in good standing as an associate/educational member of the IAHH. In case of leaving the IAHH or serious misconduct this approval may be withdrawn by IAHH. Certificates are dated and are valid for time printed; they will be renewed along with assessment at no additional charge.


Accreditation Form