Become a Health & Wellness Coach

Become a Certified Health & Wellness Coach

According to a report by the O.M.S. dated 2003:

“Reporting and giving advice by the doctor is no longer enough to achieve long-term behavioral changes.”

Health & Wellness Coaching is a new health modality that focus on the effective interaction between the holistic health practitioner and the client.

This program aims to train the student in the theory and practice of Coaching aimed at improving the Client’s Quality of Life. The graduate will be able to communicate effectively with their clients and effectively guide lifestyle change processes.

This certification program is oriented to adult students with verifiable life experience in the area of​ healing arts.

The program certifies 250 hours of study, 60 of which correspond to coaching practice.

To enter the program you must have a minimum age of 25 years old and validate some type of experience in the healing field.

After the application process is completed, you will be contacted by the supervising IAHH officer who will assess your background. If everything is in order you will start to study the curriculum.



* Introduction to Health & Wellness Coaching
> theoretical framework of coaching; scope and limitations; history; uses and applications; fundamentals and characteristics of health coaching; the role of the Coach.

* Towards a Holistic Vision of the Human Being
> the human phenomenon in the light of ancient and eastern cultures; the spiritual dimension

* Knowing the Basic Coaching Skills
> fundamental bases of coaching (attentive listening; effective communication; interaction model); how to guide change processes; the art of asking questions.

* Positive Psychology
> fundamentals of positive psychology; application models.

* The Health & Wellness Coaching Practice
> fundamentals of health education; health determinants; assessment of health status and quality; how to guide processes of lifestyle change; exercise prescription; healthy routines

* Ethics and Professional Behavior
> how to behave; what to do and what to avoid; customer management; professional ethics; administration elements.

* Final Evaluation
> monograph report; internship report; 10 hours of sessions with clients recorded on video.



* Certified Health & Wellness Coach, C.H.W.C.



Prices are shown in US dollars and are not refundable.

Professional Health & Wellness Coach Program: $ 3,500 (if paid in full).

Payment is made through PayPal. The lack of payment will result in the immediate abandonment of the program.

Price covers:
* Background evaluation/validation.
* Up to 24 months to complete the program.
* Access to IAHH virtual campus.
* Study material in electronic format (downloadable).
* Regular contact via email with the Instructor (once a month for 12 months).
* Certification tuition.
* 1 year – IAHH professional membership (after graduation).


Issuing of Credentials

* Issuing and printing or emailing of credentials (certificate of degree): $ 35.-


Handling & Shipping

* Handling and mailing through postal mail of credentials: $ 35.-

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